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Wilton Public School

From a Mini Miner to a Mighty Miner is how the history of our school could be described.  The township of Montefiore was organized as a school district sometime in the 1880's when the Jewish colonies lived north of the present city.  The first school house in the township was erected on the hill one mile north of the town.  It was built of logs 16 by 20 feet.  Miss Fanny Nudelman was its first teacher.

The first school in Wilton was built in 1901.  By 1911 Wilton had grown and prospered and a new school was built on land donated by W.P. Macomber.  The basement level of this school housed a gymnasium that schools from around the area including Bismarck used because it was the largest around.  As the Miners grew in numbers, many changes were made with rooms changing their uses.  In later years, it was known as the grade school.  This building was razed in the spring of 1978.   

In 1952, the building now used for the gym and showers was erected.  When it was built, it held a gym, stage, showers and five classrooms.  The new high school was built and occupied in the fall of 1967.  This building still used today houses eight modern classrooms and a library which is used by junior high and high school students.

In 1978, the new grade school was built.  The old school bell along with the 1911 cornerstone stand in memoriam in front of the newest addition.  Montefiore School District has consolidated with several of the surrounding districts.  They operate four bus routes and transport students from Regan and Baldwin areas.

During the summer of 2002, work commenced on renovating the current gymnasium.  The gym floor was redone and is now regulation size.  The gym has six basketball hoops and more bleachers.  Also, with the new addition, new locker rooms were constructed.  To see photos of the gym floor as well as more information about the Wilton School and its upcoming events, visit