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The Wilton Zoning Board Meets on the following days:
January - March: 1st Monday of the month*
April - September: 1st and 3rd Monday of the month*
October - December: 1st Monday of the month*
*The Planning and Zoning Board will only meet if there are items on the agenda.
  1. Applications must be filled out in entirety or application will be denied.
  2. Application are due the Thurday prior to meeting
  3. All fees are due when submitting an application.
  4. Detailed plans are required
  5. Applicant is not required to attend the Zoning meeting but it is recommend you attend
  6. It is the applicant responsibility to verify if permit was approved if applicant did not attend the meeting
  7. When the application is approved applicant must pick up the required paperwork from the Auditors Office before construction begins.